Samara Appeal – Message from Canon Stan Evans

Message from Canon Stan and Rosemary Evans

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to ‘make a difference’ for those dear people in Syria and Iraq. The boxes are packed with quality inspected and even washed clothes. The bags of bedding, duvets and blankets are also ready for dispatch. These gifts have been collected by Charles Wills (of Wills Bros who were the engineers who worked among us last year) and at his expense has delivered to the Mart from all over the western seaboard. Groups across Galway, Mayo and Connemara. Nearly 3000 boxes and bags are now stored for collection.

The first container arrives on Monday morning and loading will commence at the Mart at 9.00am sharp. We have to be loaded by 12 noon otherwise extra charges will be applicable. Our wonderful lads from the Fire Brigade have agreed to bring their muscle to bear in helping us load. This will take place at Units 4 and 6 at the Mart – all thanks to the generosity of Liam Keogh.

All those who ahve helped are asked to come along – not to particularly lift boxes for that is the lads who will do that – but to just support and wave off our first load which is going to Syria.

Then on Wednesday 16th at 9.00am the larger truck is being loaded for Iraq – the truck will be stationed close to AIB Bank as our dear friend John Sweeney has made his storage space available to us. Again strong lads are requested to help.

Please come and join us as we send our Christmas gifts to those who desperately need our love and support. Can we make a difference? – Yes we most certainly can.