Concert Venue

The Moorings

Christ Church is the perfect concert venue

We welcome visiting choirs and groups, from all over the world, subject to availability and suitability.

For information or venue booking please contact

Very Revd Alistair Grimason; email –

OR Ms Isobel Marinot-Woods email –



Cherryl Moore and Anthony Maroud


Clifden Community Arts Festival are very fortunate to be granted the use of Christ Church Clifden as a venue for concerts and events during the Festival. There were 19 separate events at Christ Church during the 2019 Festival. It was remarked by all artists who performed there that they received such a courteous and warm welcome from the Christ Church Comunity and this was reflected in the audience response as well.
In particular, the magnificent acoustics of Christ Church added such an important element to all the performances and in many respects created such a special artistic and indeed spiritual element to the concerts held there.
Clifden Community Arts Festival looks forward to working closely again with Christ Church and the diligent and dedicated custodians of this magnificent church at the centre of the Connemara Community. “

The Hot House Flower With Lisa Lamb and John Sheahan

Bill Whelan
“Christ Church in Clifden is such an atmospheric venue for all kinds of music that performances there always leave an indelible memory on the listener.. Over the years I have heard choral works, poetry, solo piano concerts, quartets and chamber ensembles, electro acoustic music and singer-songwriters in its intimate acoustic environment. It’s doors are open equally to jazz, classical, traditional and ethnic music, and the warmth of the welcome afforded to artists and audiences alike has become a hallmark of this unique and historic venue. Clifden is so fortunate to have this performance space right in the heart of the town.”



John Sheahan & Michael Howard
St Cecelia Singers